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No silver bullet to fix Australia's ice scourge, drug taskforce warns

Date posted: 9 July 2015

There is no 'silver bullet' to get rid of the drug ice from Australia, the head of the Prime Minister's National Ice Taskforce has warned.

The Taskforce finished its eight-week consultation period on Friday having received more than 1,300 submissions, with the majority coming from individuals such as drug users or their family members.

Ken Lay, the former Victorian Police Chief Commissioner who is the Taskforce's leader, said many people in the public wanted a simple fix to the problem, but he warned that might not be possible.

'What I've seen and heard in the past eight weeks is there is no silver bullet,' he said. 'This is a complex problem, there's not just one solution, there's many solutions.'

To mark the closure of the consultation period, Taskforce members visited the Turning Point Telephone Counselling Service in Fitzroy, in inner Melbourne.

The service takes at least 300 calls a day, and calls for ice-related problems are now outnumbering those for alcohol-related problems.

Turning Point's chief executive Anthony Denham said most of those calls were from concerned family members and friends.

'So, for me, that illustrates the ripple effect and significant impact it's having on the community,' he said.

The Taskforce will make an interim report to Mr Abbott in the coming weeks and a National ice strategy is expected to be developed by the end of the year.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Last updated: 8 July 2015
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