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Gap report 'must focus on ice problem': Wilson

Date posted: 10 February 2016

With today's release of the federal government's Closing the gap report, Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council South Australia (ADAC) Director, Scott Wilson, believes that the ice problem should be high on the agenda.

Mr Wilson believes that ice is now an intergenerational issue and he has seen 'numerous instances' of families where grandparents, parents and children are all using the highly addictive drug. 'We know that you can score here in Adelaide for as cheap as $5 - that will give you enough to get you off for the day.' he said.

Mr Wilson said the Closing the gap report had focused on Fetal alcohol syndrome but beyond that was more general, looking at issues like health services and workforce development.'The big elephant in the room is there is not a lot in (the report) that says drugs and alcohol should be part of the focus,' said Mr. Wilson. 

Mr. Wilson does not believe that current approaches to the problem work: he said that 'a lot of meth users are not necessarily violent' and that the TV ads depicting ice users as highly violent people just creates fear of ice users, from people who should be able to help.

Source: AAP and SBS news


Last updated: 11 February 2016
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