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Concern about ice use in regional Australia

Date posted: 23 August 2017

The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (ADAC) of South Australia have raised concerns about the use of ice in regional communities across Australia.

ADAC CEO, Scott Wilson, says ice use has become rampant in many regional communities, and it is critical there are more services to support people on the front line and educate people. 'We need more training to help people facing addiction,' Mr Wilson said. 'Too few people are getting help.'

'When it comes to Indigenous communities, what disturbs us is that often siblings or family members may be using ice,' Mr Wilson said. 'The losses are so great people lose their cultural connectivity and end up missing out on many important events as they literally disconnect from their own community because of the drug's impact.

Mr Wilson also noted the misconception that alcohol is the major issue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and emphasised that close to 100% of his clients are all ice users. 'The overall approach has to change,' he said. 'This is a health issue. We need more family support programs. We need more services. We have to close the gap. Emerging drug issues simply threaten to further increase the gap.'

Source: The Macleay ArgusĀ 


Last updated: 23 August 2017
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