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Experts say family involvement important to AOD rehabilitation success

Date posted: 2 February 2018

People who are experiencing issues with alcohol and other drugs (AOD) will rehabilitate more effectively if their families are involved in the process, says AOD experts.

This theory is being tested at The Glen, an AOD rehabilitation centre for men, on the New South Wales (NSW) Central Coast. The Glen has partnered with Relationships Australia to develop a more comprehensive family support program.

For Edward Daly, who was at the centre to deal with ice, alcohol and gambling problems, having his partner involved in his recovery made all the difference. Mr Daly said reconnecting with his culture also helped him during his rehabilitation. 'Dancing on the regular, being around strong black men...was really good for me,' he said. 'I'm working as an Aboriginal Heritage Officer now down at Manly full time.'

His partner Kodie Elliot said life for her family was vastly different four years ago. 'I was always anxious, the anxiety is a big bit of it, to know whether they're going to come home and what their mood is going to be like,' she said. But things have changed since Mr Daly got the help he and his family needed at The Glen.

'When we're treating these men, we can see their partners, their loved ones, their parents and their kids,' said Joe Coyte, Chief Executive Officer of The Glen. 'And we're conscious that even though it's only the men that are in our service, we need to make sure that we are helping them to be part of that family when they finish.'

Source: ABC


Last updated: 2 February 2018
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