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Health Practice resources

This section provides information on guidelines, toolkits, manuals, other resources associated with amphetamine and cocaine drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Please note that their inclusion does not constitute a recommendation to use a particular guideline or protocol.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the resource, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Year Author Type
Cracks in the Ice [mobile application] 2018 Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use Electronic source
CARPA standard treatment manual: a clinic manual for primary health care practitioners in remote and Indigenous health services in central and northern Australia 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
Meth check 2017 Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) Resource package
ASSIST on Ice 2017 University of Adelaide Resource package
Cracks in the Ice 2017 Cracks in the Ice Electronic source
AODKC webinar - What workers and organisations can do to support clients and communities in relation to crystal methamphetamine 2017 Roche, A. Trifonoff, A. Audiovisual
Injecting ice in the country – healthier approaches 2017 Penington Institute Resource package
Ice training compilation 2017 Penington Institute Audiovisual
Ice: Training for Frontline Workers 2017 National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction Resource package
QNADA harm reduction resources for health professionals: stimulants 2017 Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (QNADA) Resource package
Methamphetamine use in Australia 2015 Roche, A. McEntee, A. Fischer, J. Kostadinov, V. Factsheet
Methamphetamine: effects & responses 2015 Roche, A.M. Factsheet
Crystalline methamphetamine (Ice) 2015 NSW Health Factsheet
Yarning about ice 2015 Remote Alcohol & other Drugs Workforce Program Brochure
Preventing and reducing alcohol- and other drug-related harm among older people: a practical guide for health and welfare professionals 2015 Nicholas, R. Roche, A. Lee, N. Bright, S. Walsh, K. Report
Medication treatment options for amphetamine-type stimulant users 2014 Lee, N. Jenner, N. Nielsen, S. Report
Guidelines for the management of substance use during pregnancy birth and the postnatal period 2014 NSW Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office Report
Guidelines for the acute assessment and management of amphetamine-type stimulant intoxication and toxicity 2014 St Vincent's Hospital Report
Stimulants 2012 Winstock, A. Book section
The relationship between alcohol and drugs and mental health: a resource book for Aboriginal workers 2012 Victorian Dual Diagnosis Education and Training Unit Report
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs: clinical guidelines for nurses and midwives: version 3 2012 de Crespigny, C. Talmet, J. Report
Perspectives on amphetamine-type stimulants 2012 Edited book
Alcohol and other drug withdrawal: practice guidelines 2012 Frei, M. Berends, L. Kenny, P. Swan, A. Jenner, L. Hunter, B. Mugavin, J. Report
Alcohol and other drug withdrawal practice guidelines: acute inpatient and residential services 2011 Cementon, E. Report
Comorbidity of mental disorders and substance use: a brief guide for the primary care clinician 2009 Gordon, A. Report
Treatment approaches for users of methamphetamine: a practical guide for frontline workers 2008 Jenner, L. Lee, N. Report
Responding to challenging situations related to the use of psychostimulants: a practical guide for frontline workers 2008 Jenner, L. Lee, N. Report
NSW drug and alcohol withdrawal clinical practice guidelines 2008 Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Office Report
Clinical guidelines for nursing and midwifery practice in NSW: identifying and responding to drug and alcohol issues 2008 Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office Report
Management of patients with psychostimulant use problems: guidelines for general practitioners 2007 Australian General Practice Network Report
Clinical treatment guidelines for alcohol and drug clinicians: methamphetamine dependence and treatment: no 14 2007 Lee, N. Johns, L. Jenkinson, R. Johnston, J. Connolly, K. Hall, K. Cash, R. Report
Psychostimulants: management of acute behavioural disturbances: guidelines for police services 2004 Jenner, L. Baker, A. Whyte, I. Carr, V. Handbook
Models of intervention and care for psychostimulant users 2004 Baker, A. Lee, N.K. Jenner, L. (Eds.) Report
Last updated: 15 March 2018
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