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Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2015)

National Ice Action Strategy: 2015.

Canberra: Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (2015)

Final report of the National Ice Taskforce.

Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia

This final report by the National Ice Taskforce was produced based on extensive community consultation and research in response to issues raised by the drug, crystal methamphetamine (ice).

The report found that ice use in Australia is a complex problem that requires a multi-faceted response. Proportionally, Australia uses more methamphetamine than almost any other country.

In its report, the Taskforce has made 38 recommendations across five areas of priority. The five priority areas are:

  • supporting families, workers and communities to better respond to people affected by ice
  • efforts to reduce demand for ice through prevention activities must be strengthened
  • ice users need treatment and support services that cater to their needs
  • efforts to disrupt supply must be more coordinated and targeted
  • better data, more research and regular reporting is needed to strengthen Australia's response and keep it on track.

Abstract adapted from Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (2014)

Framework for a national response to new psychoactive substances.

Canberra: National Drug Strategy


National Drug Strategy (2008)

National amphetamine-type stimulant strategy: 2008-2011.

Canberra: National Drug Strategy


National Drug Strategy (2007)

National amphetamine-type stimulant strategy background paper.

Canberra: National Drug Research Institute and Australian Institute of Criminology

Last updated: 28 September 2017
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