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This section provides recent reference details and - where available - links and abstracts for general publications associated with illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. References include journal articles, reports, theses, and other literature. To access our complete database please use our bibliography. 


Graham VE, Campbell S, West C, Clough AR (2017)

Substance misuse intervention research in remote Indigenous Australian communities since the NHMRC 'Roadmap'.

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Unintended impacts of alcohol restrictions on alcohol and other drug use in Indigenous communities in Queensland (Australia).

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Cannabis use among two national samples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco smokers.

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The consequences of chronic cannabis smoking in vulnerable adolescents.

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Illicit and injecting drug use among Indigenous young people in urban, regional and remote Australia.

Drug and Alcohol Review; Early view(

Cadet-James Y (2015)

Prof Yvonne Cadet-James [presentation at The Third National Cannabis Conference].

Paper presented at the The Third National Cannabis Conference. 7-9 October 2015, Melbourne

Williams R, Lawrence C, Wilkes E, Shipp M, Henry B, Eades S, Mathers B, Kaldor J, Maher L, Gray D (2015)

Sexual behaviour, drug use and health service use by young Noongar people in Western Australia: a snapshot.

Sexual Health; 12(3): 188-193


Bohanna I, Bird K, Copeland J, Roberts N, Clough A (2014)

A service-level action research intervention to improve identification and treatment of cannabis and related mental health issues in young Indigenous Australians: a study protocol.

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Retrieved 31 July 2014 from

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Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use during pregnancy: clustering of risks.

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An exploratory study of cannabis withdrawal among Indigenous Australian prison inmates: study protocol.

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Retrieved 17 May 2013 from

Rogerson B, Clough AR (2013)

How do Indigenous Australians experience cannabis withdrawal? [letter].

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health; 37(2): 186-187

Victorian Department of Health (2013)

Closing the Gap – Koolin Balit: Aboriginal health: 2011 update: regional data.

Melbourne: Victorian Department of Health


Clough AR, Jacups S, Robertson J, Rogerson B, Graham V (2012)

Listening to what Indigenous people in remote communities say about alcohol restrictions and cannabis use: “Good thing that the alcohol's gone, but the gunja has kept going” [letter].

Medical Journal of Australia; 197(5):

Howard J, Alperstein D, Cox S, Zorz H, – LINC Owen Smith (2012)

Young men and yarndi: a pilot to diffuse information on cannabis, its use and potential risks among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Sydney: National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre

This edition of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) bulletin provides information on the Young men and yarndi program, a camp run in New South Wales that provides young Indigenous men with information about cannabis. This report provides information on:

  • the rationale for the program
  • the theoretical underpinnings of the program
  • the aims of the program
  • how the program is operated
  • lessons learned from the program.

This report also includes the slides of a Power point presentation about the Young men and yarndi program.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Howard J, Butt J, Wright T, Norberg M, Copeland J, Wilkes T (2012)

Raising awareness about cannabis, its use and impact on health and wellbeing among Indigenous Australians.

Randwick, NSW: National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre

Hunter EM, Gynther BD, Anderson CJ, Onnis L-A L, Nelson JR, Hall W, Baune BT, Groves AR (2012)

Psychosis in Indigenous populations of Cape York and the Torres Strait.

Medical Journal of Australia; 196(2): 133-135

Last updated: 1 February 2018
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