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Conferences, workshops and events

This section lists upcoming and past (last 6 months) conferences, workshops and events pertinent to Indigenous Australian health in Australia.

The Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre does not organise conferences itself or endorse any of the events listed. It provides a comprehensive listing of events that may be relevant to those working in or studying Indigenous health.

The conferences, workshops and events are listed by date, but you can select to list them by title, location, or content. The content of the conferences, workshops and events have been rated as follows:

  • Indigenous Indigenous specific
  • Some Indigenous content some Indigenous content
  • Possibility of Indigenous content Possibility of Indigenous content

Knowledge Centre cafe Knowledge Centre staff will run a Knowledge Centre café at conferences and events with this logo


When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the conference or event, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Upcoming conferences, workshops and events

Date Title Location Content
01-09-2017 Comorbidity/Dual Diagnosis and Motivational Interviewing Training Northern Territory
27-10-2017 Richmond Wellbeing Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Workshops Perth, Western Australia
08-11-2017 Face to face ice training for frontline workers Melbourne, Victoria
20-11-2017 Community Forums (Youth Diversion and Drug Rehabilitation Services) New South Wales
28-11-2017 Advanced Harm Reduction (Including Safer Injecting Practices) Brisbane, Queensland
29-11-2017 Prevalence of FASD Among Youth Under the Care of Juvenile Justice in Western Australia: How Shall We Work Together to Close this Gap? [webinar] Online
30-11-2017 Working With Communities: Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention and Policy Research Perth, Western Australia
14-12-2017 Aboriginal People and Strength Based Practices Within a Drug and Alcohol Setting Woolloomooloo, New South Wales
20-03-2018 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Western Australian Alcohol and other Drug Conference 2018 Perth, Western Australia
28-05-2018 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe 2018 Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference Gold Coast, Queensland
06-11-2018 5th National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Conference (NIDAC) Adelaide, South Australia

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the conference or event, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Past conferences, workshops and events

Date Title Location Content
16-11-2017 Effects of Ice on the Brain and Body, and Implications for Responding Online
15-11-2017 Tobacco Control in the 21st Century Short Course Wembley, Western Australia
15-11-2017 Skills Training: Working With AOD Using Clients Perth, Western Australia
14-11-2017 AH&MRC SEWB Symposium 2017 Brighton Beach, New South Wales
12-11-2017 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) conference 2017 Melbourne, Australia
07-11-2017 An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Perth, Western Australia
06-11-2017 Australian trends in cannabis use and attitudes towards cannabis legalisation in a period of international policy change Online
02-11-2017 Crystal Clear: Responding to Methamphetamine Use Brisbane, Queensland
31-10-2017 Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association 2017 Conference Brisbane, Queensland
31-10-2017 A practical guide to finding the Knowledge Centre's latest resources Online
31-10-2017 Pharmaceutical Risk and Response Seminar Wangaratta, Victoria
27-10-2017 Pharmaceutical Opioids: a Focus on South Australia Thebarton, South Australia
26-10-2017 Trauma Informed Practice and Alcohol and Other Drug Use Perth, Western Australia
26-10-2017 Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm in your Local Government Area Perth, Western Australia
25-10-2017 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe 2017 Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference Broome, Western Australia
19-10-2017 Other Ways of Knowing: Understanding Aboriginal Trauma Melbourne, Victoria
19-10-2017 Australian Association of Family Therapy - Family Therapy & Social Justice Collapsing the Divisions of Inequality Conference Adelaide, South Australia
18-10-2017 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention in Aboriginal Communities Perth, Western Australia
17-10-2017 2017 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference Hobart, Tasmania
17-10-2017 Medications used in the treatment of substance dependence: current therapies and future options Perth, Western Australia
11-10-2017 Substance Use Disorders Among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Custody: a Public Health Opportunity Brisbane, Queensland
04-10-2017 Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
04-10-2017 Smoking Cessation Teleconferences With Renee Bittoun National
03-10-2017 2017 National Drug and Alcohol Research Council (NDARC) Annual Research Symposium Sydney, New South Wales
25-09-2017 2017 Northern Territory Council of Social Services (NTCOSS) Conference Darwin City, Northern Territory
12-09-2017 Alcohol and Other Drugs, Workshop Development Consultation - Alice Springs Alice Springs, Northern Territory
07-09-2017 Micro-counselling and Brief Interventions Brisbane, Queensland
05-09-2017 Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Workshop (ACT) Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
04-09-2017 How to Support Families and Friends With a Loved One Using Methamphetamine [webinar] Online
31-08-2017 Regional, Rural and Remote Managers Networking Forum Perth, Western Australia
30-08-2017 Tackling Indigenous Smoking Jurisdictional Workshop (WA) Perth, Western Australia
29-08-2017 The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Annual Conference 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
23-08-2017 Estimating the societal cost of methamphetamine use in Australia Bentley, Western Australia
22-08-2017 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention in Aboriginal communities Perth, Western Australia
17-08-2017 Tackling Indigenous Smoking Jurisdictional Workshop (NT) Darwin, Northern Territory
17-08-2017 Australian Youth AOD Conference 2017 Melbourne, Victoria
16-08-2017 Northern Territory Aboriginal Tobacco Forum Darwin, Northern Territory
15-08-2017 No Smokes Flipchart Training Darwin, Northern Territory
15-08-2017 Opioid Use Disorder in General Practice Darwin, Northern Territory
11-08-2017 Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia (DANA) 2017 Endurance Forum Sydney, New South Wales
11-08-2017 Foundation for Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Brisbane, Tasmania, South Australia and Australian Capital Territory
08-08-2017 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Training Day 2017 Sydney, New South Wales
04-08-2017 South Australian Aboriginal Tobacco Forum Adelaide, South Australia
03-08-2017 Train the Trainer: Trauma Training in Your Patch The Gardens, Northern Territory
02-08-2017 South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS) Workshops Port Lincoln, Mount Gambier and Whyalla, South Australia
01-08-2017 Consultation Workshop: Development of the National FASD strategy 2018-2028 Multiple locations
31-07-2017 Australia's Red Centre Conference 2017 Alice Springs, Northern Territory
29-07-2017 Hepatitis C in Drug and Alcohol Settings Education Program Brisbane, Queensland
27-07-2017 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe 2017 Australian Winter School Conference Brisbane, Queensland
27-07-2017 Hepatitis Day and CAHMA Opening BBQ Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory
25-07-2017 Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Workshop (WA) Perth, Western Australia
18-07-2017 Harm Minimisation Alcohol Education for School Students Darwin, Northern Territory
13-07-2017 Breakthrough Ice Education for Families Multiple locations
12-07-2017 Management Approaches for People who present with Acute Agitation Associated with Stimulant Toxicity Kadina, South Australia
06-07-2017 Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment in Prison Perth, Western Australia
01-07-2017 Health<em>InfoNet</em> cafe Aboriginal Health Conference 2017 Perth, Western Australia
21-06-2017 Tackling Indigenous Smoking Jurisdictional Workshop (NSW/ACT) Sydney, New South Wales
15-06-2017 Train it Forward: A FASD Masterclass Campbell Town, Tasmania
15-06-2017 Future Developments in AOD Sector Forum Adelaide, South Australia
14-06-2017 Aboriginal People and Strength Based Practices Within a Drug and Alcohol Setting Sydney, New South Wales
14-06-2017 Tackling Indigenous Smoking Jurisdictional Workshop (Qld) Carins, Queensland
08-06-2017 The Role of Community Service Workers and Tobacco Use West Perth, Western Australia
07-06-2017 Communicating and Connecting with Aboriginal Clients Perth, Western Australia
06-06-2017 Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation Workshop (NT) Alice Springs, Northern Territory
06-06-2017 Taking Care of Yourself - Worker Self-Care Perth, Western Australia
31-05-2017 World No Tobacco Day International
30-05-2017 Recognising and Responding to Amphetamine Intoxication/Toxicity and Opioid Overdose Perth, Western Australia
30-05-2017 Self-Care for Aboriginal Workers Rooty Hill, New South Wales
12-05-2017 Foundation for Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria
11-05-2017 Make Smoking History for Community Services Training Perth, Western Australia
01-05-2017 Sydney MSIC Safer Injecting Workshop Sydney, New South Wales
01-04-2017 Deadly MHST: Substance Abuse Workshops Queensland
09-03-2017 Culturally Secure AOD Practice – featuring IRIS Brisbane, Queensland
Last updated: 15 November 2017
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