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Healthway Promotion Project Grants



The Health Promotion Projects program provides grants to organisations engaged in health promotion campaigns and projects in Western Australia.

A range of organisations, including community based groups, may apply for grants to fund new approaches to health promotion and illness prevention through changing community attitudes and behaviour, and creating environments that support people to make healthier choices.

Applicants for health promotion project funding are encouraged to develop proposals based on best practice in health promotion from the published literature. Organisations whose core business is not health promotion and who may not have the necessary expertise in-house are strongly advised to develop proposals in partnership with organisations that have relevant expertise. Healthway encourages potential applicants to seek partners who can create a broader skill base for the project, as well as opportunities for co-funding.

Healthway has a number of different health promotion project grants available. To be eligible for Healthway support, projects must focus on activities that are clearly beyond the core business of the applying organisation(s) and should include some activities that are likely to be sustained beyond the end of the funding period. A population approach is generally encouraged and consideration will be given in the assessment process to the numbers of people reached through the project and the overall value for money.

Healthway has identified priority areas for health promotion projects as well as target groups which include children, young people, Aboriginal peoples and disadvantaged groups. Applications for innovative, sustainable projects that reach these target groups are particularly encouraged.

Application details: Please refer to Healthway's website for all information, including application details.


Ground floor
24 Outram Street
West Perth WA 6005
PO Box 1284
West Perth WA 6872
Ph: (08) 9476 7000
Ph: 1800 198 450 (statewide)
Fax: (08) 9324 1145


Last updated: 5 September 2017
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