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SNAP into life (2010)


Tippetts A


Kimberley Division of General Practice


Broome, WA


Resource package



SNAP into life is an interactive and culturally appropriate game for players aged 7 years and up. The game has been developed and trialled in Kimberley schools with Kimberley children and their families, with the input from the Kimberley Aboriginal community and local health and education professionals in Western Australia.

The game is based on the popular game Snakes and Ladders, and aims to develop awareness of lifestyle health risk factors such as smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity (SNAP). The game also covers basic health education topics including 'our bodies', mental health, environmental health and road safety.

During the game, players who make healthy lifestyle choices are rewarded by moving forward in the game. When they make unhealthy lifestyle choices there will be long term consequences, for instance the player will need to go to hospital or even to prison. By seeing the consequences of their actions in a game situation, it is hoped that the players will learn the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, and make the right choices as they grow up.

To obtain a copy of the resource, please contact Alice Tippetts via the contact details below.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

When to use this resource

The game is suitable for all age groups, but would particularly appeal to children and teenagers. It can be used in a school setting or in a community group as a fun way to teach them about health risk factors. It can be used to illustrate lessons that have been taught in the classroom or as a lead-up to more in depth lessons.

Adults can also enjoy the game in a social group. It can be used to re-inforce what they already know, as well as teaching them something new.

Contact details

Dr. Alice Tippetts
PO Box 5955
Cable Beach WA 6726
Ph: (08) 9192 8231
Mobile: 0407 621 806


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