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It takes a forest to raise a tree: healing our children from the storms in their lives (2014)


Relationships Australia Northern Territory


Relationships Australia Northern Territory




Resource package



This resource kit aims to provide a 'talking tool' for Indigenous women with children who experience violence or other trauma in their lives. This talking tool takes the metaphor of a tree (from narrative therapy) as a pathway to talk about what trees need to grow strong and healthy, the effects of storms on trees and ways they recover after storms have passed. Using tree stories to talk about our families has been found to be a safe way of engaging women in a conversation about difficult times in their lives.

This resource kit includes:

The complete kit is not available to the general public due to lack of funding to produce copies.

This resource kit includes videos:

This resource was developed through a process of consultation with Elders and women on the Tiwi Islands and North Eastern Arnhemland in response to worries for their children and grandchildren. Much of their concerns related to children's responses to witnessing domestic and family violence, alcohol and substance misuse in their families, intergenerational and personal grief and loss issues, child abuse or neglect and other traumatic events.

Relationships Australia Northern Territory abstract

Contact details

Lucy Van Sambeek
Relationships Australia Northern Territory (RANT)
Ph: (08) 8923 4999
Email: mail


Last updated: 13 January 2017
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