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Knowledge Centre Cafes

This section provides details of Knowledge Centre cafes conducted at conferences. A Knowledge Centre cafe allows us the opportunity to showcase the Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre and the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. The opportunity to take delegates through this massive resource is a wonderful value added service that conference organisers can provide.

How a café works

We use the opportunity to ensure delegates know how to use the Knowledge Centre web resource (the main navigation points) and what is available there to assist them in their line of work, such as the searchable bibliography of Indigenous alcohol and other drug literature, and health promotion and health practice resources.

Photos are taken of some delegates and these are put up on the web resource, with their approval, to show how a café works. We hand out brochures that outline web resource content on particular health topics and how delegates can access this information on the website. We also present papers at many conferences on the work of the Knowledge Centre, which we find generates even more interest in the Knowledge Centre cafes.

Conference organisers and committees

If you are organising a conference and it is related to Indigenous alcohol and other drug use please let us know and we can:

Contact the Knowledge Centre

Conferences with Knowledge Centre cafes

AOD Knowledge Centre cafes

Upcoming AOD Knowledge Centre cafes

Last updated: 1 January 1970
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