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Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)



The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) is the national peak organisation representing the state and territory drug user organisations and issues of national significance for people who use or have used illicit drugs. AIVL is user-centred and supports the right of people who use illicit drugs to self-organise and form peer-based structures and processes in order to reduce drug related harm.

AIVL undertakes a broad range of health promotion and disease prevention activities and programs. One of the primary aims of the organisation is to prevent and reduce the transmission of bloodborne viruses among people who inject illicit drugs such as hepatitis B and C and HIV and to reduce the negative impact of such conditions amongs those already infected.

Abstract adapted from Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League


Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)
Havelock House
85 Northbourne Avenue
Turner ACT 2612
GPO Box 1552
Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 6279 1600
Fax: (02) 6279 1610


Last updated: 10 August 2017
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