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Bourke Alcohol Working Group



The Bourke Alcohol Working Group (BAWG) was formed as a partnership between the Bourke Community Drug Action Team (CDAT), the Bourke Police, and the Bourke Shire Council, along with New South Wales (NSW) Health and other community groups. The purpose of its formation was to undertake a project to identify and address some of the alcohol related crime and associated health issues in Bourke, a community in Western NSW. Membership of the group is open to all members of the Bourke community.

As a result of the group's formation, crime statistics in Bourke show a reduction in assault, domestic related assault, intoxicated persons and malicious damage. In 2011, BAWG won the Excellence in Law Enforcement Category of the National Drug and Alcohol Awards. Among the actions taken by BAWG was that of adopting licensing restrictions forbidding the sale of specific alcohol products in the community, and to develop and implement the Bourke 5 Year Alcohol Plan. BAWG has also collaborated with local residents on an alcohol and other drug awareness campaign.

Abstract adapted from National Drug and Alcohol Awards


Bourke Shire Council
29 Mitchell Street
PO Box 21
Bourke NSW 2840
Ph: (02) 6830 8000
Fax: (02) 6872 3030


Last updated: 31 October 2016
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