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Alcohol Management Plans



Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) vary in design and implementation across Australia and include strategies designed to reduce harms resulting from alcohol use. The majority of AMPs are based on the principle of harm minimisation and include supply, demand and harm reduction measures. Many include provisions that ban or restrict the supply, possession and/or consumption of alcohol in relevant areas and some have also been used to place restrictions on local liquor outlets.

AMPs can include other measures such as:

AMPs are an agreement across the community to tackle the harm caused by alcohol use in a way that works for the community. It must have a strong focus on reducing alcohol-related harm and improving community safety, particularly for women and children.

Abstract adapted from Indigenous justice clearinghouse


Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Northern Territory state office
Ph: 1800 614 023

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Sydney: Indigenous justice clearinghouse


Last updated: 25 May 2017
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