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Beat da Binge



Beat da Binge was an initiative, developed by Gindaja Treatment and Healing Indigenous Corporation in partnership with other local community organisations that focused on binge drinking as a key concern in the North Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Yarrabah.

The two-year project focused on preventing harm from binge drinking for Yarrabah young people. It involved two major events and twelve minor activities, with alcohol harm reduction messages, throughout its implementation.

Beat da Binge aimed to relieve boredom, lack of hope and anger and promote self-empowerment, achievement and pride.

Abstract adapted from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre


Erin O'Loughlin
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Ph: (02) 9385 0124
Mobile: 0402 870 996

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Last updated: 3 April 2018
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