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Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Referral (DAAR) Program



The Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Referral (DAAR) Program is a diversion strategy, which requires certain offenders in Queensland (Qld) to undertake drug or alcohol assessment, counselling and education to address their offending behaviour in a positive way. DAAR was introduced as part of the Safe Night Out Strategy, a strategy introduced by the Qld Government to change the culture of the state's nightlife.

People charged with an offence where it was alleged that the offence was committed while in a public place and under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (AOD), are required to complete DAAR as a condition of their bail. Offences which this is applied to include:

The DAAR program is a two hour brief intervention process, where offenders will undergo an assessment for their AOD use, followed by counselling and education, and referral intervention if necessary.

Offenders who are required to complete the DAAR Program will still be able to access other AOD interventions, including the Queensland Court Referral Process, or the Queensland Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative.

Abstract adapted from Queensland Government


Brisbane Magistrates Court
Drug and Alcohol Assessment Referral
363 George St
Brisbane Qld 4001
Ph: (07) 3836 0677
Fax: (07) 3236 0868


Last updated: 22 June 2017
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