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Youth Support Service (YSS)



The Youth Support Service (YSS) is designed to support young people in Victoria aged 10-17 who have had recent contact with the police and who may be at risk of entering the youth justice system.

YSS is a voluntary service which operates independently of the legal process to help young people and their families achieve sustainable goals.

Referrals to this service are made by the Victorian Police, with the consent of both the young person and their parent(s).

In August 2016, the Victorian Government announced the rollout of the YSS to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, which will be delivered by Local Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations. The program will ensure that young people at risk of entering the youth justice system are offered culturally sensitive early interventions. The service will link young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with education or training, manage alcohol or drug use, and address challenging family relationships.

Abstract adapted from Youth Support and Advocacy Services


Youth Support and Advocacy Service
Head Office
Level 1, 131 Johnston Street
PO Box 2950
Fitzroy Vic 3065
Ph: (03) 9415 8881


Last updated: 16 March 2017
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