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Cashless Debit Card Trial



The Cashless Debit Card Trial is a Commonwealth Government income management initiative that aims to support communities in locations where high levels of welfare dependence exist alongside high levels of harm related to drug and alcohol use. The cashless debit card changes the way in which people who receive Centrelink receive and spend their fortnightly payments. Recipients receive 80% of their Centrelink payment onto the cashless debit card with the remaining 20% being paid into a regular bank account. The cashless debit card operates like a normal bank card, except it cannot be used to buy alcohol or gambling products, or to withdraw cash.

The trial began in Ceduna, South Australia, in March 2016 and was extended to Kununurra and Wyndham in Western Australia in April 2016.

Adapted from Department of Social Services


Cashless Debit Card Trial
Ph: 1800 252 604

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Last updated: 23 August 2017
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