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Apunipima Cape York Health Council (What's Your Story, Cape York?)



Apunipima Cape York Health Council is one of the largest Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations in Queensland, delivering comprehensive primary health care service to 11 Cape York communities:

The Apunipima Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program aims to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by reducing the harm caused by tobacco use through the provision of frontline preventative and clinical services. There is a particular emphasis on young people, pregnant women and people with chronic disease.

The TIS team have linked into the national Don't Make Smokes Your Story media campaign and are working with communities to support the development and implementation of a local version of this campaign. The campaign includes local messages and artworks for posters, and videos where local people tell their story. The videos use the slogan What's your story, Cape York?. The team promote the Don’t Make Smokes Your Story campaign at events and in the school based education program they deliver.

The Apunipima School Program aims to empower students with knowledge and awareness of the harms of smoking and passive smoking to make healthier choices for themselves, and to advocate on behalf of their families and communities for healthier choices, especially in relation to choosing a smoke-free lifestyle. They also develop resources with the students for the Don’t Make Smokes Your Story campaign.


Apunipima have released a series of What's your story, Cape York? videos, which are available on Youtube or their Facebook page.


As part of the Cape York Don’t Make Smokes Your Story campaign, the Apunipima TIS team has developed a series of educational nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) factsheets and videos. These products were designed to be used by health professionals to guide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients on how to use nicotine patches, gum, lozenges and mouth spray, and how to use NRT during pregnancy.







Last updated: 19 April 2018
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