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To ensure the Knowledge Centre meets the purposes for which it is being established the governing structure includes an over-arching Reference Group (RG) made up of the members from the Drug Strategy Department of the Department of Health (the Knowledge Centre funding body) and stakeholders from peak AOD bodies, the workforce at the community level, and those with expertise in relation to the various drugs of concern. These stakeholders come from various states and territories of Australia and include appropriate Indigenous representation.

The composition of the RG reflects the variety of input required to ensure a robust coverage of the field to best support the workforce at the community level, community members working to reduce the harms of drug use, and programs and policy.

The RG will provide a broad view of the drug field and provide invaluable guidance to the Support Committee in terms of the requirements of the workforce, people involved at addressing AOD issues at community level, and senior program managers. As such, the RG will provide an important role in informing evidence for both workforce support and policy support. The benefits of this governance structure go beyond the Knowledge Centre website, and foster engagement and synergistic relationships between different stakeholders in the field.

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