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Welcome to the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) portal. This portal hosts information for organisations funded through the national Tackling Indigenous Smoking Programme, but will also be useful for people working in the many other initiatives that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to quit or reduce their smoking.

This portal is where you will find information on the Tackling Indigenous Smoking Resource and Information Centre (TISRIC). The TISRIC has been developed by the National Best Practice Unit for Tackling Indigenous Smoking (NBPU TIS) and is tailored to the needs of TIS organisations, with information on: planning your activities and interventions; activities that work; resources that work; and how to determine how well your activities work.

You will also have access to publications, resources, and information about projects and activities that relate to tobacco cessation. Workforce information includes job opportunities, funding sources and other organisations interested in tobacco control. The events section has information on courses and training, conferences, workshops and other events. These resources have been brought together in one place to help you in your job to support your clients and communities.

This web resource also links to the TIS Yarning Place and many social media platforms to encourage information sharing and collaboration among TIS-funded organisations.

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